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DSI’s Mission

The mission of DSI is to facilitate life changing breakthroughs for our clients, through the provision of a full range of communication techniques, in so doing, DSI is committed to being the personal development company of choice for those seeking to release the champion within themselves and those whom they influence.

We are committed to inspiring our clients to break through what they think is stopping them from reaching their divinely designed destiny. We believe you can, and you should achieve your dreams. In fact, we believe the whole world needs you to fulfill your life’s calling. By fulfilling the plan for your life, it helps the rest of us make the world a better and more complete place. DSI is called to help you keep moving forward.

About DSI

We believe there is something great inside you. Regardless of your past, there is something more inside you—there is something next, and DSI is here to coach you in manifesting it. That next great reality exist in you now, with an empowered belief system you can access it.

We use the latest techniques in communication, personal, spiritual, and relationship development to ensure you have the tools necessary to experience real transformation. DSI’s leadership and ministry development is specifically designed for secular and spiritual leaders. We coach leaders in results oriented communication, and in inspiring team synergy. We coach leaders in how to enhance employee productivity, and to increase customer satisfaction. For clergy and other spiritual leaders we’ve designed a program to help you take your ministry to a stratospheric level!

Life Coaching 101 – What you get

  • You get a new access to the ideas you may already hold, but you simply are not aware of them. Darin will lead you on an exploration of ideas that you may not have previously considered.
  • You will get clarity about what you really want. You will discover your true passion and purpose. You will know who, what, when, where, why…
  • You will get a safe sounding board to share your thoughts and ideas.
  • You will get the support you need when making big decisions. You can stop living in fear and confusion…you finally start taking action.You will get challenge to reach further than you have ever done before.
  • You will get the kind of direction and validation that you need to keep moving forward towards your dreams.

Why people hire a coach

  • They want to change something in their lives,
  • Some clients feel that they could be getting more out of life,
  • Others are looking for ways to move up in their career,
  • Couples are looking for a renewed connection,
  • Some people are looking to launch a new business,
  • Managers and company leaders are looking to inspire their teams, which increases productivity,
  • Some people are looking to rediscover their passion and purpose in life,
  • Some people want to become more social and want to have more fun in life,
  • Others are looking for a real experience and closer connection with God,
  • Not all clients are missing something in their lives, it is just that they are looking to reach their peak performance.