About DSI

We are committed to inspiring our clients to break through what they think is stopping them from reaching their divinely designed destiny. We believe you can, and you should achieve your dreams. In fact, we believe the whole world needs you to fulfill your life’s calling. By fulfilling the plan for your life, it helps the rest of us make the world a better and more complete place. DSI is called to help you keep moving forward.

We believe there is something great inside you. Regardless of your past, there is something more inside you—there is something next, and DSI is here to coach you in manifesting it. That next great reality exist in you now, with an empowered belief system you can access it.

We use the latest techniques in communication, personal, spiritual, and relationship development to ensure you have the tools necessary to experience real transformation. DSI’s leadership and ministry development is specifically designed for secular and spiritual leaders. We coach leaders in results oriented communication, and in inspiring team synergy. We coach leaders in how to enhance employee productivity, and to increase customer satisfaction. For clergy and other spiritual leaders we’ve designed a program to help you take your ministry to a stratospheric level!

About Darin M. Sanders

Coach Darin is a certified life strategies coach. He is an award winning motivational speaker, author, and researcher. He draws on his education and experience in communication, theology, philosophy, and psychology when inspiring his audiences. He is committed to making a difference in the lives of others by coaching them to move beyond limiting beliefs, this releases them to reach unthinkable goals!

Darin earned a B.A. in communication from Texas Tech University. He earned a master’s degree in divinity (MDiv.) from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He also studied abnormal psychology and counseling at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest. Darin, Wendy (his wife) and their daughter live in San Antonio, Texas.