Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

In short, it is a powerful conversation that produces the results you are committed to creating. Coaching is not counseling  because coaching works from the premise that there is a lot that’s right with you. Coaching helps you stir up your God given gifts. Life Coaching is about inspiration and empowerment. It is about helping you to face what’s been keeping you stuck. The only thing that is stuck is your thinking. Life Coaching provides access to freedom. You deserve the chance to reach within and pull out your true greatness. Email today while time slots are available.

New Years is Coming !

History does not repeat itself. You keep repeating the same scenarios, history simply keeps the record of your insanity. To change history, you must change you. The only way to change you is you have to take on doing something you’ve not done before. Coaching is proven to make a difference. Slots are filling up, grab one while they are available at the lowest price in DSI’s history.
Anything is possible!
Darin Sanders, M.Div.

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Uncover Your True Power

Your true power is not in your ability to force yourself. Your true power is the ability to focus yourself. With focus you are unstoppable. Learn how to focus so that you can change anything. Sign up for Life Strategy Coaching today.

Most Fears Come From Your Imagination…

Be careful when you let your thoughts off their leash…they have the tendency to run wild. There is a reason why the most sacred texts say, “grab hold to every thought…” A good way to do this is by deciding what you are going to focus on each day. Write it down so that you won’t forget.
When you feel your thoughts tugging at the leash…get a grip and don’t let them go where ever they want. Your thoughts will obey you, but you must be strong. When you have done all to stand, stand therefore…(Hold your position of being hopeful and positive.) 
Anything is possible!

Your Thoughts are the TARGET !

Remember this…no matter how the attack manifest, the objective of the forces against you is to get into your mind. Your thoughts are a key stronghold that the enemy wants to control.

If the negative forces of this world can get your focus, negativity can take over your daily thinking. If you allow negativity to take control of your thinking, you will surrender your feelings and emotions. Once your emotions are controlled by the Dark Side–

your actions are sure to follow.


Ephesians 4 reminds us to give no place to the devil. If you are in a negative state, fight back with being hopeful and positive. Optimism is a choice. Yes, I know it is Monday, but more importantly

it is the first day of the rest of your life.


Don’t worry about the rest of the week, don’t even think about the rest of the day for that matter. BE HOPEFUL NOW. Think about those things for which you are grateful.

Put a smile on your face on purpose! It is possible that you are about to have the best day ever!


Anything is Possible,

Darin Sanders, M.Div.