How to create happiness…

First, you have to decide to which group you belong: to the ones who are happy, or to the ones who are not happy. For the sake of time, let’s include those who are unhappy in with the not happy folks. Secondly, regardless of the group you chose, you are in that group by choice. The word happy suggests the state of pleasure and gladness. These states of mind are often associated to external circumstances. This is the reason I don’t often use the word happy. I don’t like the idea of being held to my circumstance. But, if you take ownership of your circumstance-even if it’s not your fault, you will discover power. Knowing that you have the power to respond to anything from a place of greatness will evoke an experience of happiness. Being happy by choice is an experience no one can take from you. Finally, you can share that happiness with someone else. This has you be both the creator of happiness and its multiplier. Will you create happiness today?

Your Quick Strategy for Life Balance

How do you begin solving a jigsaw puzzle? You start with the four corners. The corners are unique, and are easily distinguished from the other pieces. Life is like a (no, not a box of chocolates) a jigsaw puzzle–you’ve got to locate your key corner “stones” pieces. What would you identify as
four key pillars in life? These pillars have to be such that everything else works together, and makes sense because of them. What four key principles make life make sense for you? How did these pillars serve your life this year?


it seems crazy that so many people work tirelessly, as if that were possible, and end up with emptiness and dissatisfaction. There are many people who have full pockets, but empty hearts. There is a better way. No matter what you do, you will always be left with 168 hours in a week. All the time management in the world will still leave you void, if you’ve failed to give just due to the pillars of life, whatever they may be.


Are you spending 80% of your time on things that only give you a 20% return? That is tragic when you could be spending 20% of your time on things that give you an incredible 80% return. How’s that possible, you ask? Strategy, that’s how. Consider managing your priorities as a way of managing your time. Time management focuses on the 168, while priority management primarily focuses on the key (four) pillars in your life. if you don’t know what the (four) key pillars are, it helps to group your life into four areas: mental, physical, spiritual, and social for example.


Finally, when you plan your week, make sure you’ve allocated time (energy) for each area. The amount of energy you commit to each area will change depending on the happenings of that week. What’s important is to invest energy, even if only a little, in each area. This will help you maintain a balance beyond just work and home. THINK ABOUT IT, AND THEN BE ABOUT IT.

Is your goal worthy of you?

Create a goal worthy of you–a goal worthy of your time, energy and emotion. If your goal doesn’t stoke a sense of healthy fear, your goal is too small. This is the time to push yourself beyond your limits. If you can imagine how you are going to do it, your goal is too small. Push yourself to challenge the impossible. When you do, you will open new possibilities for yourself, and for the world around you. The fruit you seek is out on the limb. What will you do TODAY to reach the fruit of your career? How will you face the challenge of reinventing yourself, as well as reinventing your relationships?

Something Good

A man once asked, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” suggesting that little, if any, good thing could come from there. The narrative of Jesus’ birth is commonly known, but did you know that Nazareth was an assignment? The desolate place of Nazareth was part of the original plan. Why? Perhaps God likes to show off? Maybe. The Divine chose a woman (girl) with a womb which was void. Even when people expect little from you, great things are still possible.
Genesis 1:2, “and the earth was void and without form…” this is consistent with places God finds attractive. It was in the darkness that God spoke, “Let there be light…” the word of God became brilliant light.  Before the Nazareth question, Jesus was called, “the Word.” This means the good thing coming out of a dark place was WORD.
The message is that your word(s) must come out of a dark place before your life comes out. Your word(s) must vacate voidness before your bank account moves into abundance. When you surround yourself with positive conversations, you empower your perception. Say something good and you just may see something good! THINK ABOUT IT THEN BE ABOUT IT.