Letting the past go

While there are unavoidable religious tones to this article, its truth is far removed from religion. Traditional perceptions get in the way of new and empowering revelations. Please read this article from a place of personal reflection, and not from a religious mindset.

Remember, in yesterday’s email, I wrote of three phases to Passover: Death, Burial, and Resurrection. Let’s talk about the second phase of Passover, which is Burial. After the first phase (Death), it is important to complete the second phase of burying that which is dead. I remember a story about a little girl who asked her father at a funeral one day, “Why are the people still hanging around here at the cemetery when the service is already done?” Her father replied, “It’s because some people have a hard time letting go.” How would you have answered the little girl’s question?

Most prehistoric humans believed that by burying their dead, they were helping the departed cross over into the new life. They believed in this new life after burial so much so, that they often buried weapons, food, and even horses and pets to be with their departed loved ones in the other world.

While today, we don’t bury our dead with cars and pets, we still have similar beliefs. Most of the world’s population believes in life after death. So, after thousands of years practice, what have we learned — letting go. When we bury the departed, we, in a way, are removing them from our sight. When we turn to leave the cemetery, it is our way of saying goodbye. Depending on your beliefs, you might be saying goodbye forever, or you could be saying goodbye for now.

While it is understandable that people have a hard time letting go, it is still critical to do so in order to reach the third phase of Passover. The apostle Paul reminds us, “but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Now how does this apply when the departed is you?

When you bury the old, disempowered you, you are putting the past behind you. It is not so much like burying something, but planting a seed. You put the seed into the ground, the outer shell of the seed falls away, and makes room for the new life to come sprouting up. Burying the old you means walking away from an old identity — an identity that has not served you well, or as well as you deserve.

This weekend, I invite you to put some things behind you, so you are freed to move forward with your life. This may look like burying anger and bitterness, or like letting go of regret. Perhaps there has been pain in the past that has plagued you for years; well, it’s time to let it go and walk away. Keep in mind, you are walking away empty-handed because you have buried a seed. Your new belief is that past pains will turn into peace. You now await your victory to overshadow your regrets. You are walking away knowing that what you are feeling will be the worst you will feel and it will only get better. You free and empower your future by letting go of your past.

Just as the disciples walked away from Jesus’ tomb believing something good may come of it, what will you walk away from? What new expectations will you create for yourself now that your past is buried away? Letting go is not the easiest thing to do, but it is a critical step in experiencing the resurrection of your new life.

Darin Sanders  ~Life Coach in Texas~

Your Darinism…Are you ready?

Are you ready? I’m not talking about for Thanksgiving. I’m not talking about for Black Friday. And, no, I’m not talking about for Christmas or New Year’s. Are you ready for the rest of your life? Don’t know? Then the answer is, no. When I ask my clients this question sometimes they respond with, “That depends on what the rest of my life looks like.” That tells me where to start coaching. You can do more than just wait to see what happens. You can be the cause of what happens. Your future can turn out just as you intend.

You can choose to drag on, day-after-day, surviving until the weekend for the rest of your life. Or, you can commit to making next year be your greatest year, yet. You don’t have the option of not making the choice. Even if you choose to do nothing, you’ve made a decision. Every decision has an outcome. You often don’t realize your decision until you are faced with the outcome-remember, hindsight is 20/20. I am drawing your attention to foresight, instead. It’s time for you to be the weatherman of your life. What’s the forecast of you? Unlike the weather woman, your forecast of you is more dependable. Why? Because you control the weather of your life. I know thisf sounds ridiculous. Regardless, it’s true.

The greatest philosophers and teachers agree that you create your reality. If you don’t believe in philosophy, turn to the precepts of your faith and you will find the same truth. “As a person thinks in their heart, that is who they become.” You can speak things that don’t exist now, and as long as you believe, those things will manifest in your life. I invite you to start believing, and start speaking a wonderful life forecast for 2015. Don’t wait until 2015 to start creating 2015’s weather. Start creating by speaking a positive future today. Take the challenge-today, create an uplifting conversation about your future!

 Anything is Possible!

Darin Sanders, M.Div.


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Your Darinism…Getting chopped…

My wife and I enjoy watching the show “Chopped”  on the food network. In case you haven’t seen it, it is a show that features for competing chefs. The chefs are given a mystery basket, which contain items of food from which they are to create a great meal for the judges. The chefs  compete in three rounds-appetizer, entrée, and a dessert round. At the end of each round the judges choose the worst dish, and the chef who made that dish gets eliminated – chopped.

Has life treated you like you are a contestant fighting not to get chopped? Do you ever wake up wondering what’s in your mystery basket for the day? I do. Ever questioned if you had it in you to get through another potentially chaotic day? I have. It is while the chefs are being introduced that Wendy and I try to guess who of the chefs will not get chopped. I’ve learned that it is not always the most cocky nor the most experienced that go un-chopped. It seems that the one who is most willing and flexible to be as creative with what they are given-no matter what’s in the basket, make it to the end unchopped.


Today, how creative are you willing to be? How flexible will you be with what shows up in your life? How determined are you not to get chopped? Remember, you were chosen to be here on the show of life because you have it within you to make it without getting chopped. So, today, show your stuff!


The race is not given to the swift, nor the battle given to the strong, but the one that endures to the end shall be saved.




Anything is Possible!

Darin Sanders, M.Div.


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Your Darinism…Extra time?

Have you ever said, “There’s never enough time in the day.” Have you wanted to do something different, but felt like you didn’t have the time? Do you really need more time? Really? Let’s tease this out…

Activity            # of hours

 Total                      168

Work                          40

Sleep                          56

Shower                      14

Eat                              14

Clean                        14

Driving                     7

Fam/Soc                 7


Extra Time          16 hours!



Obviously, I was liberal with the time allocated to some of these activities. Even if you changed the hours around, you will end up with somewhere around 15hrs of extra time. You had this all along. The big question is, what have you been doing with the 15 extra hours? If you have not made good use of the extra 15 hours you already have, “gaining” another hour this weekend (for those who did gain an hour-there are some places where the time doesn’t change) will make little to no difference in your life. Well, you might get extra credit for showing up at church an hour early! 


Think about all of the things you could get done in 15 hours…books you could read, the quality time you could spend with friends and loved ones, the education you could achieve, the time you have to workout, the time you would have for meditation, etc… No matter how you calculate it, chances are you have extra time. You could also waste time fighting, being stressed out, vegging out in front of the TV, etc… Whatever you decide to do with your time-maximize what you have while you have it. 


I offer you a challenge…take on making positive use of this hour you’ve “gained”. If you are one of the ones who don’t change time, I challenge you to find one hour where you could do something positive. If you don’t do something with the hour you “gained” then have you really gained anything? 


“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff that life is made of.” – Benjamin Franklin


Anything is Possible!

Darin Sanders, M.Div.


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Find and fulfill your purpose…

Do you know what your purpose in life is? A life void of purpose is a life lost. I find it interesting that so many people ask me how to find their purpose. It must be frustrating waking up in the morning and going about your day not knowing if you’re getting any closer to the reason you are here on earth.


Purpose is not about going to work to make a living. Purpose is about fulfilling life. Fulfilling life is much more than doing what makes you happy. Fulfilling your purpose fulfills all life. So, when you are void of your purpose no one’s life is fully complete. The whole world, indeed the universe, is depending on you to discover, develop, and deploy your God-given purpose.


There are some of us who have known our purpose since we were kids. And there are others of us who, even though we are older, are still searching. There still seems to be this part of us that is asking that same old question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?


We have come a long ways from the times of our migrating, caveman ancestry,  a time when you just follow in the footsteps of your father or mother. Though it is not uncommon to follow the profession of your parents, today we live in a world of choices. We live in a world where there is more than one way to be a hunter or a gatherer. And therein lies the problem…choice.


Many have asked, “Why doesn’t God just tell me what to do?” It seems as if people think that God is playing some sort of Hide-and-Seek game with the purpose of their lives. Let me answer that quickly by saying first, God has spoken to you. Secondly,


God understands time, and how much of it you have. God is not playing games with your life.


Perhaps this very email is the voice of God speaking to you now.  So the question is, will you listen? God’s purpose for your life is not for you to spend your time cluelessly searching for that purpose.


God does not want you to be like that blind man in a dark room, looking for a black cat that’s not there. 

Since the very beginning of creation, God’s plan for everything that lives has been clear, and clearly stated. God gave this one commandment to everything that He had given life, “Be fruitful and multiply.” The intent of this command is straightforward. This same command still exists today, though how it gets fulfilled has expanded.


Discovering your purpose does not necessarily have to do with how you make a living. It has everything to do with how your living is making you. Later on in the Bible we see the command stated this way…


“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'” 



Anything is Possible!

Darin Sanders, M.Div.


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