Demonstrate your best self today

Your best self can only come from your best thoughts. When you say that you would do something, BUT…it means your but is way too big. (Take that however you choose).

You will never get your best from your but! It’s time to move your but out of your way. If you’ve been thinking that your but is a valid reason for not delivering your best, you’re wrong—no matter how big your but is!

This is not to say that you don’t have real issues to face—some more challenging than others. The challenge is there to let you show that you have what it takes to be at your best—no matter what. Difficulty is no excuse for showing off the size of your but.

Your bestselfis beyond feelings. Your best self is beyond the pain and regrets of the past. Your best self faces fear. In the face of fear, your best self pushes forward. In the presence of haters, your best self is even better and brighter!

Your greatest possibilities and your greatest potential is not somewhere or ‘someday’. Your best self is within you right now, and all you need to do first is believe it, then be it.

 Instead of giving your best but, demonstrate your best self today.

 Living Inspiration!

Darin M. Sanders, M.Div.

Certified Life Strategies Coach