Fighting Roaches

My father would always say, “a roach is a roach, and will always be a roach.” What he meant by this was that, while we all have the ability to change, some people choose never to change. There are some people who, no matter what, will always choose to be negative and hateful. Like a roach, there are those who will always come out at night behind your back. Here’s the rub, the person who gets mad at a roach for being a roach, is the one who looks out of character. Getting mad at a roach for being a roach, is like getting mad at a rock for being a rock. Who gets mad at a rock? Who gets in an argument with a rock? If you were seen arguing with a roach, who would be considered the crazy one, the roach or you? Unless you are an Entomologist studying the behavior of roaches, I recommend not arguing with roaches, less you risk your own reputation. You see, it doesn’t matter what you do or say, a roach is a roach, and

will always be a roach. You can take the roach to church and the roach will still be a roach, just a roach at church. You can take the time to dress, clean, and feed a roach, and in the end you will still be left with a roach. It is just a matter of fact that some people will choose to remain the way they are. In fact, the longer they stay where they are, the more ingrained and planted they become. Roachified!

So then, what do you do? Since you cannot make a roach change, and you don’t want to waste your life waiting to see if the roach is going to change, the change must start with you. The reality is the roaches show up because they are attracted to something in the environment. To help you keep your space roach free make sure your space, especially your mouth, is negativity free. Roaches thrive on negativity. If a roach even thinks you’re going to leave some negativity around it will follow you until the cows come home. Roaches are so sensitive to negativity, that they are attracted to negative thoughts. Roaches can tell when you are heavy with negativity, even when you have not said a word. The next thing you know, the roach is calling you on the phone; fishing for negativity. Remember the sign at the zoo that reads, “don’t feed the animals.” Well in this case, don’t feed the roaches.


Finally, don’t be surprised when you see a roach. Even Jesus said, “The poor you will have with you always.” I believe this statement can be applied to roaches as well. There’s always a roach lurking around somewhere…just make sure that roach is not you.

Anything is possible

Darin Sanders