Demonstrate your best self today

Your best self can only come from your best thoughts. When you say that you would do something, BUT…it means your but is way too big. (Take that however you choose).

You will never get your best from your but! It’s time to move your but out of your way. If you’ve been thinking that your but is a valid reason for not delivering your best, you’re wrong—no matter how big your but is!

This is not to say that you don’t have real issues to face—some more challenging than others. The challenge is there to let you show that you have what it takes to be at your best—no matter what. Difficulty is no excuse for showing off the size of your but.

Your bestselfis beyond feelings. Your best self is beyond the pain and regrets of the past. Your best self faces fear. In the face of fear, your best self pushes forward. In the presence of haters, your best self is even better and brighter!

Your greatest possibilities and your greatest potential is not somewhere or ‘someday’. Your best self is within you right now, and all you need to do first is believe it, then be it.

 Instead of giving your best but, demonstrate your best self today.

 Living Inspiration!

Darin M. Sanders, M.Div.

Certified Life Strategies Coach

Do’s & Don’ts On Valentine’s Day

Well folks, it’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Day. I won’t waste your time giving you a history lesson about its origin—that won’t change the fact that it’s still coming. Interestingly, whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, the holiday still has an impact on you. Well, no worries, I’m here to help. I’ve been through my fair share of Valentine’s Days. Some were fabulous (If I do say so myself), while others were so bad that they are still too embarrassing to talk about. Here are a few lessons:

  1. No matter what you think or were taught, this is her day. Does she get more days than you? Yes, but that’s not the point. Just go with it, you will be the better for it in the end.
  2. If you are reading this and you haven’t started planning yet, you’re late. Get with the program!
  3. Even if she says, “Oh, I don’t want anything,” know that she’s been trained to say that. The fact is, she does want something. Moreover, she is expecting something.
  4. If you’re like me and went all out at the beginning, creativity is your only salvation. More about that later…
  5. Warning! This is not a good week to have an argument with her. If you win, then your Valentine’s gift is simply repayment for the damages rendered. No fighting this week, got it?
  6. Learn to take your game to the next level. Think about how many guys will be running around, grabbing leftover flowers, and begging for a table at a crowded restaurant. PLAN AHEAD!
  7. If you do go out to dinner, know that everyone there is doing the same thing you are doing. What does this mean? At this point, you’re average. Think outside the box. You have to learn to surprise her. Roses are no longer surprising—even if you’ve never given them before. Roses are typical.
  8. Here’s how to score big points—the little things. Yep, you heard it. I’m talking about the way you hold her hand—NOT like you’re trying to get your freak on! Hold her hand firmly, but not too firmly. Hold it just enough to let her feel a MAN has her hand.
  9. TALK! Say something more than, “What do you want to eat?” Remind her of how you met—no matter how crazy the story is. Let her know, that if all the stars in the sky went dark, her brilliance would be enough to light the world. She is the light of your life; make her feel it.
  10. Do your best to stay away from discussions that lead to arguments. Again, this is not the week to win in the argument ring.
  11. Most of all, there is no gift more precious than your heart, time, and undivided attention. Lend her your ears. Don’t just listen to what she says, feel her heart. That’s a gift that doesn’t cost a dime, my friend. By the end of the night, she will know that you love her with all your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

If you are single, you are not forgotten on Valentine’s Day, though it can sometimes feel that way. Here are a few tips for you, too:

  • Lying in bed with Ben & Jerry (I’m talking about the ice cream!) while watching Sleepless in Seattle isn’t going to help. You’re better than that.
  • Valentine’s Day is a day about love, yes, but not just romantic love. It is about giving and receiving love from those for whom you hope for the best and for whom you wish the best in return.
  • This is a day you too can celebrate. Come up with creative ways to celebrate the love of family and friends—and most importantly, love for yourself.

If you are a single parent, this is a perfect time to teach your little one(s) how to love and respect, who and how they are right now. They are beautiful just the way God made them and they don’t need cheep chocolate to know how special they really are. I put my one-year-old daughter in front of the mirror so she can see how beautiful she is. I remind her that she is gorgeous and how awesome she really is. Even at one, she giggles, as if to say, “I hear you, daddy.”

God’s love is universal and should be shared universally. While, as social beings, we experience challenges with each other, it is important to remember that God is love—the love for you and within you.

Let me know if this was helpful or if you have or need additional tips!

Worst Present Ever Darinism

The reason I waited this late to send out this Darinism is because, by now, you’ve probably have opened all of your gifts, except for maybe one…

What do you think the worst present ever is? When you open the present and find one old, funky sock? Nope. Perhaps the worst present is a box you’ve opened and found nothing but trash. Nope. Oh, wait, maybe it’s the gift that you open and find nothing at all. Nope, that’s not the worst present ever. There is a worst present ever, and chances are you’ve received it.

Not to worry, there’s something you can do about it. Certainly, you can think of all sorts of gifts that might qualify as the worst gift ever, but none of those is worse than this one. THE WORST PRESENT EVER IS THE ONE YOU DON’T OPEN. What? Yep, that’s it. The worst present ever is the one you leave all wrapped up, leaving it to sit yet for another year. The unopened present is YOU.

God has placed a wonderful gift within you…have you opened it? God did more than just put the gift in you, God tells you about it, “the Kingdom of heaven is within you.” God also describes the gift within you as being, “great.” How can something great become the worst gift ever? The greatest diamond is worthless until it is pulled from the ground and polished. There’s greatness in you that is as great as your imagination.

Keep this in mind…the word present means to present something, as in presentation. The present is when you re-present the greatness God has given you. Please, don’t let the best gift ever become the worst. Open up and see what God has placed inside you.

Live Inspired,

Darin M. Sanders, M.Div.

Your Life Coach

Your Darinism…Pain’s purpose

There are two types of pain: the pain that breaks you, and the pain that makes you. The difference between the two is you. Only you can decide if your pain will break or make you. It doesn’t matter where the pain comes from, nor how painful the pain is, you  make the final decision. The victim is the one who breaks down. The victor is the one who, in-spite of the pain, breaks through. Pain is the opportunity to showcase either your greatest weakness, or your greatest strengths. You decide. 

If you are in the habit of showcasing your weakness, now is the time to develop your strengths. The first step to develop your strength is to change your source of belief. Instead of believing that life is simply hard, take on believing that your pain has a purpose. Choose to believe the ridiculous notion that your pain was specifically designed for you. Believe that you have been chosen for a particular mission. This mission requires a specific training-a training that includes your pain. 

Pain is supposed to hurt. Hurting doesn’t have to mean that something is wrong. What if hurting meant that something was right? Consider, if your body did not experience pain, doctors would say something was wrong. Instead of seeing pain as something wrong, see pain as an indicator that shows you where to put your focus. You may not be able to control your pain, but you can control your perception of what pain means. You are a meaning making machine. Your ability to control the meaning of your pain outweighs the circumstance of your life. Which pain will you choose today, the kind that breaks you, or the kind that makes you?  Choose to have pain make you by creating a new meaning for the pain in your life. 

 Anything is Possible!

Darin Sanders, M.Div.


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Your Darinism…Are you ready?

Are you ready? I’m not talking about for Thanksgiving. I’m not talking about for Black Friday. And, no, I’m not talking about for Christmas or New Year’s. Are you ready for the rest of your life? Don’t know? Then the answer is, no. When I ask my clients this question sometimes they respond with, “That depends on what the rest of my life looks like.” That tells me where to start coaching. You can do more than just wait to see what happens. You can be the cause of what happens. Your future can turn out just as you intend.

You can choose to drag on, day-after-day, surviving until the weekend for the rest of your life. Or, you can commit to making next year be your greatest year, yet. You don’t have the option of not making the choice. Even if you choose to do nothing, you’ve made a decision. Every decision has an outcome. You often don’t realize your decision until you are faced with the outcome-remember, hindsight is 20/20. I am drawing your attention to foresight, instead. It’s time for you to be the weatherman of your life. What’s the forecast of you? Unlike the weather woman, your forecast of you is more dependable. Why? Because you control the weather of your life. I know thisf sounds ridiculous. Regardless, it’s true.

The greatest philosophers and teachers agree that you create your reality. If you don’t believe in philosophy, turn to the precepts of your faith and you will find the same truth. “As a person thinks in their heart, that is who they become.” You can speak things that don’t exist now, and as long as you believe, those things will manifest in your life. I invite you to start believing, and start speaking a wonderful life forecast for 2015. Don’t wait until 2015 to start creating 2015’s weather. Start creating by speaking a positive future today. Take the challenge-today, create an uplifting conversation about your future!

 Anything is Possible!

Darin Sanders, M.Div.


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