Something Good

A man once asked, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” suggesting that little, if any, good thing could come from there. The narrative of Jesus’ birth is commonly known, but did you know that Nazareth was an assignment? The desolate place of Nazareth was part of the original plan. Why? Perhaps God likes to show off? Maybe. The Divine chose a woman (girl) with a womb which was void. Even when people expect little from you, great things are still possible.
Genesis 1:2, “and the earth was void and without form…” this is consistent with places God finds attractive. It was in the darkness that God spoke, “Let there be light…” the word of God became brilliant light.  Before the Nazareth question, Jesus was called, “the Word.” This means the good thing coming out of a dark place was WORD.
The message is that your word(s) must come out of a dark place before your life comes out. Your word(s) must vacate voidness before your bank account moves into abundance. When you surround yourself with positive conversations, you empower your perception. Say something good and you just may see something good! THINK ABOUT IT THEN BE ABOUT IT.