Worst Present Ever Darinism

The reason I waited this late to send out this Darinism is because, by now, you’ve probably have opened all of your gifts, except for maybe one…

What do you think the worst present ever is? When you open the present and find one old, funky sock? Nope. Perhaps the worst present is a box you’ve opened and found nothing but trash. Nope. Oh, wait, maybe it’s the gift that you open and find nothing at all. Nope, that’s not the worst present ever. There is a worst present ever, and chances are you’ve received it.

Not to worry, there’s something you can do about it. Certainly, you can think of all sorts of gifts that might qualify as the worst gift ever, but none of those is worse than this one. THE WORST PRESENT EVER IS THE ONE YOU DON’T OPEN. What? Yep, that’s it. The worst present ever is the one you leave all wrapped up, leaving it to sit yet for another year. The unopened present is YOU.

God has placed a wonderful gift within you…have you opened it? God did more than just put the gift in you, God tells you about it, “the Kingdom of heaven is within you.” God also describes the gift within you as being, “great.” How can something great become the worst gift ever? The greatest diamond is worthless until it is pulled from the ground and polished. There’s greatness in you that is as great as your imagination.

Keep this in mind…the word present means to present something, as in presentation. The present is when you re-present the greatness God has given you. Please, don’t let the best gift ever become the worst. Open up and see what God has placed inside you.

Live Inspired,

Darin M. Sanders, M.Div.

Your Life Coach