Your Darinism…Extra time?

Have you ever said, “There’s never enough time in the day.” Have you wanted to do something different, but felt like you didn’t have the time? Do you really need more time? Really? Let’s tease this out…

Activity            # of hours

 Total                      168

Work                          40

Sleep                          56

Shower                      14

Eat                              14

Clean                        14

Driving                     7

Fam/Soc                 7


Extra Time          16 hours!



Obviously, I was liberal with the time allocated to some of these activities. Even if you changed the hours around, you will end up with somewhere around 15hrs of extra time. You had this all along. The big question is, what have you been doing with the 15 extra hours? If you have not made good use of the extra 15 hours you already have, “gaining” another hour this weekend (for those who did gain an hour-there are some places where the time doesn’t change) will make little to no difference in your life. Well, you might get extra credit for showing up at church an hour early! 


Think about all of the things you could get done in 15 hours…books you could read, the quality time you could spend with friends and loved ones, the education you could achieve, the time you have to workout, the time you would have for meditation, etc… No matter how you calculate it, chances are you have extra time. You could also waste time fighting, being stressed out, vegging out in front of the TV, etc… Whatever you decide to do with your time-maximize what you have while you have it. 


I offer you a challenge…take on making positive use of this hour you’ve “gained”. If you are one of the ones who don’t change time, I challenge you to find one hour where you could do something positive. If you don’t do something with the hour you “gained” then have you really gained anything? 


“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff that life is made of.” – Benjamin Franklin


Anything is Possible!

Darin Sanders, M.Div.


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