Your Darinism…Pain’s purpose

There are two types of pain: the pain that breaks you, and the pain that makes you. The difference between the two is you. Only you can decide if your pain will break or make you. It doesn’t matter where the pain comes from, nor how painful the pain is, you  make the final decision. The victim is the one who breaks down. The victor is the one who, in-spite of the pain, breaks through. Pain is the opportunity to showcase either your greatest weakness, or your greatest strengths. You decide. 

If you are in the habit of showcasing your weakness, now is the time to develop your strengths. The first step to develop your strength is to change your source of belief. Instead of believing that life is simply hard, take on believing that your pain has a purpose. Choose to believe the ridiculous notion that your pain was specifically designed for you. Believe that you have been chosen for a particular mission. This mission requires a specific training-a training that includes your pain. 

Pain is supposed to hurt. Hurting doesn’t have to mean that something is wrong. What if hurting meant that something was right? Consider, if your body did not experience pain, doctors would say something was wrong. Instead of seeing pain as something wrong, see pain as an indicator that shows you where to put your focus. You may not be able to control your pain, but you can control your perception of what pain means. You are a meaning making machine. Your ability to control the meaning of your pain outweighs the circumstance of your life. Which pain will you choose today, the kind that breaks you, or the kind that makes you?  Choose to have pain make you by creating a new meaning for the pain in your life. 

 Anything is Possible!

Darin Sanders, M.Div.


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