Break your chain Part Four

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A new high school was being built in our city called, Health Careers High School.  They came to my junior high school to advertise in hopes of getting students to apply. They showed a video of young students walking around in white lab coats with stethoscopes hanging around their necks. “Wow!”  I thought. Finally, I had a vision of what I have been hoping for. I could just see myself walking around with a lab coat and a stethoscope around my neck. But there was one problem…I had to apply and qualify to be accepted. What made things worse was that the qualification was based on my grades…the chain got tighter.

With great hope, more like desperation, I applied. It’s funny how, though only being in the eighth grade, that some things can be so important–this was one of them. I didn’t just fill out the application and send in my transcript. I made the extra effort and called the new high school’s guidance counselor, and I begged. She was polite and said they would review my application. Then she said they would let me know in the form of a letter. I got off the phone, tears in my eyes, my heart heavy with disappointment. I felt betrayed, I felt that I betrayed myself–cheated myself out of a great future.

A few weeks later I received that letter.

Nervously, I ran to my room. I sat down on my bed and prayed, “God, please, please let them say, ‘Yes.'”  I opened the letter and it read, “Dear Darin,  thank you for your application to Health Careers High School. Your application does not meet the minimum requirements to be accepted into our program.  Feel free to apply again next year.” The chain never felt more real and final.

It is important to understand that just wanting something doesn’t cause that something to show up in your life. In fact, if you are causing a major transformation, it is going to require more than a wish or a want. You are going to have to develop a new level of commitment. You are going to have to commit to getting stronger, mentally and spiritually stronger. If you don’t get stronger, and develop a more disciplined and focused mindset, you will not be able to perform at the level you desire, nor at the level God expects for you to perform. Perhaps that little chain is not there just to hold you back, maybe it is there to help you develop your persistence muscles.

Anything is Possible!

Darin Sanders, M.Div.


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