Break Your Chain Part Six

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What changed was not my chains, but my mind. I decided to become what I had never been. I decided to become what no one thought I could be. Even though the letter from the high school said I was not qualified, my mind said otherwise. I became the qualified student, without help, and without academic guidance. I was armed with one lesson – it’s impossible for you to fail. 

That’s an easy thing to say, no doubt. To actually believe that you cannot fail requires a fundamental transformation of who you are, regardless of who you have been. And here’s the rub, you won’t really know that you believe it until you take the risk that could look like failure. If you don’t take the risk – you will never know how powerful you really are. Ironically, when you have been changed by that belief, you won’t see the challenge as a risk – because it is impossible for you to fail.

Anything is Possible!

Darin Sanders, M.Div.


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