Feb, 2019

5 Hidden Meditations Effecting Your Life

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Your mind is both active and creative. Though you may not always be aware of your mental activities, your mind is likely doing what it does best-think. Like a computer program, your mind is running some applications on the forefront of your monitor, which means you are aware of them. Other thoughts are running in the background-these programs are hidden in your subconscious. These subconscious programs impact your daily life by dictating your core beliefs. Many Eastern religions define meditation as the art of not thinking. Conversely, in the West, […]


Your New Genesis…

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You may not have won a Grammy yesterday. You may not have won a Super Bowl. Regardless, today is a new day. Everyone, winners and losers, face a new day. Begin…start…commence…open-there’s something refreshing and optimistic about words like these. Whether they refer to the dawn of a new day, the birth of a child, the prelude of a symphony, or the first day on the job-beginning feels good. Your perception, of course, has a lot to do with creating this experience.  If you take the same old perspective of your […]