Emotional Weight?

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It was a weekend and traffic was light, so I wasn’t too concerned about the steep grade warning sign. The warning sign was for truckers to slow to 50 mph. At the top of the mountain, I was driving my eighty-thousand-pound tracker-trailer 63 mph. I was ready to get to my destination, so I delayed slowing down. I waited too late. By the time I tried to slow the truck, the inertia of the weight I was carrying pushed me faster. I press on the brakes, but the truck keeps going faster…64…65…67. Now curves in the road! There are no exits or emergency off-ramps-only boulders. Pushing harder on the brakes, I look in my side view mirror and see smoke billowing from underneath my trailer. My brakes are literally on fire. I don’t know how I got down that mountain alive. It must have been a miracle. This is the reason for the question in my new book, “How much weight are you carrying?”

Emotional weight is no different. If you are carrying too much weight, you may feel the pressure building, driving you faster and faster. This can be dangerous for you and those around you. Manage your weight.

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