Explore a different kind of freedom

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Let’s explore a different kind of freedom…shall we. When our forefathers declared freedom they were talking about departing from past perceptions and ways of being. Why? Why do things differently? Great question. Answer—if what you have been doing doesn’t work, change it. Change, like freedom, doesn’t happen just because that’s what you want. Some change requires putting up a fight.

I guess the real question is—how much is the old way, the old you, getting in the way of your progress? The moment you really have had enough, no; I mean, really had enough…you won’t just want to change, you will change. The biggest war is not the one you have with others. The biggest fight is within your self. Will you fight for freedom? Will you fight your own limiting belief system? Hmm.

Like metal to a magnet, you will be drawn to your core belief. Your core belief will attract to it like-minded energy, be it negative or positive energy.  What will you be attracted to today? What will you attract? As you are reading these words the law of attraction is being stirred. You can control it. You can direct its power. It’s up to you. Create a great day, a great week, a great month, and a great rest of the  year.