There is still hope…

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Every day brings with it a new Sun, but it also seems to bring some of the same old stories. Someone once said, “There is nothing new under the Sun.” Is this true? Is this as good as it gets? When you turn on the TV…CNN (Constant Negative News) it feeds the idea that the world will always be a dangerous, and sad place to live. It is true that the same sad stories show up day after day. But there is still hope, because it’s not over. How can […]


Choose the power of Love and a sound mind

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You have been given this day to do with it what you choose. You choose your focus. You choose your thoughts. With that, you choose your feelings, and thus it leads to the actions you choose to take today. I choose power, love and a sound mind. Now it’s your turn, FB fam… http://www.darinsandersinspires.com  


Thoughts & Prayers

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Thoughts and prayers for all those who are grieving today. There is a time and season for all things, the bible says. But, this is not the time to give up hope. Even through tears and pain, we still hope. Fear not-you’ve been prayed for, that your faith fail not. Love life, FB, fam!


Love Life

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This week marks the third week of the new year. Are you one of the many who were hoping to keep the change going for 21 days? Well, tomorrow is that day. How did you do? Do you even remember your new year’s resolution? If the answer is no, or you simply turned back this is for you. Your desire to be more, to live better, to eat healthier came from God. We learn from the sacred text of the bible that God gives us the desires of our heart. […]