Jan, 2016

Three Easy Tricks to Create a Better Year

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How many times have you said, “Next year, I’ll do better!”? Guess what. Next year is now! If you keep doing the same things, you’ll find yourself saying the same thing at the end of this year. Check out these three easy tricks that can help you create a better year than the last, and any year before that:

  1. Choose your non-negotiable.

    Most of us have several areas in our lives that need work. Trying to tackle everything at once leads to an overload and a quick burnout. Instead, choose one area in your life to be your top priority. Decide now, no matter what happens—this area in your life is getting better. This is non-negotiable. You can negotiate in other areas, but this area is sacred, and it must be protected at all cost. Choose carefully.

  2. Know your time frame and triggers.

    Creating a start date, milestone dates, and a goal date will help you feel the progress you’re making. Your goal can get swept away in the busyness of life without time-bound expectations. Start your journey knowing what triggers the behavior you are changing. Plan now to address those triggers. Ask for help from your family, friends, or from a life coach to help you stay true to your commitment.

  3. Boost your inspiration.

    Use success as your fuel to reach your goal. Waiting to celebrate until you see change externally can be frustrating. Celebrate your success now—because you are successful now. The year you are creating exists right now, inside you. This means your reason to celebrate exists inside you at this very moment. Wake up, and get going; not to be successful, but because you are a success!

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