Jan, 2016

Two Reasons Not to Choose A Resolution

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  1. Your brain knows what you’re up to. Telling yourself that you are starting a New Year’s resolution is like telling your brain, “Okay, this is that time of the year again—do your best, just like you did last year!” You are unique in many ways but one. Like the rest of us, you are a creature of habit. Chances are, you’ve programmed your brain to react to the phrase New Years resolution with a familiar algorithm:
  • First, there is nervous anticipation
  • •Second, you become forgetful—but you feel guilty about it
  • •Then, you forget to feel guilty about forgetting
  • •Finally, guilty pleasures rule—Oh well, there’s always next year!

The worst thing you can do is to tell yourself that you are doing another resolution. Here’s what you can do instead…

  1. If change were was really important to you, would you wait until next year to make it happen? Using the New Year as an excuse to change is like saying, “I’d workout tomorrow—if tomorrow were Monday!” The excitement for the New Year lasts for about a day. Afterwards, you’ve got to return to work, school, and life, as usual. When change is important—really important—the date doesn’t matter ‘cause NOW is the time. Check out this surprisingly easy way to make change important enough to start now…

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