We choose to keep fighting

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Last night my wife and I had a conversation about the fact that the doctors think I have MS. We had a conversation as to what this means for our immediate, and distant future. It was clear that we both were experiencing fear. For the most part, fear comes from not knowing. In our case, we didn’t know how long the current paralysis is going to last, nor do we know if the paralysis will extend further into other areas of my body, for example my eyes again.

So we had to get clear about what we were facing. The reality is that we are not facing the physical ailment itself. What we are facing is fear. If we were facing the physical ailment, we would take action that would address the ailment. Since we don’t know what the ailment is going to do, the only thing we have to face is fear. Sense we are not sure about the outcome, there are only two possibilities. Either the condition will advance, or the condition will abate.

With that, we are given a choice to believe one or the other. We still have to face the reality of fear. This is important because, the Bible reminds us that people perish for a lack of knowledge. So my wife and I had to discuss what it is we know. Here’s what we know: a few years ago, I went completely blind. The doctors thought that I would never regain my site. We know they were wrong. A few months ago, we did not know if I would be able to walk again. We know now I can walk. A few days ago, we knew I had little feeling in my legs. We know now that I have complete feeling in my legs. Currently, we know that I have some paralysis in my left hand. We also know, because of prior experience, that paralysis is not permanent. So now our choice is clear.

We can either choose the path of sickness, paralysis, and death; or we can choose the path of life. If the condition can come and then go, it is possible for the condition to be gone. This is what we know. Last night we made a choice to take the path of life. And this morning for the first time in a long time, I put on my tennis shoes and tied them myself! Okay, it does look kind of like my one-year-old tied them, but they are tied nonetheless. We choose to keep fighting!