Where’s your focus?

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Everyone has two natures. In theology, we often refer to these two natures as one being the Adamic (limited) nature, and the other being your divine or Christ-like nature. One of these natures wants you to advance while the other wants to pull you back.

The one that you cultivate and concentrate on decides what you are in the end. Both natures are trying to gain control. Your will alone decides the issue. A person by the supreme effort of the will may change their whole career and almost accomplish miracles. You can be if you will to be, for will can find a way or make one.

The challenge with this concept is that many confuse the will with the want. Will and want are not the same thing. Want comes from the premise of lack and not having something. Will comes from the premise of determination and causality. One of these will win – you will either want and not succeed, or you will succeed. Every day you are faced with making this decision. Today, what will you choose?

We could easily fill a book of cases where people were just seemingly going about their day, were all at once aroused and, as if awakened from a slumber, they develop possibility within them and from that time on are a different person. You alone can decide when the turning point will come.

It is a matter of choice whether you allow your divine nature to control you or whether you will be controlled by the Adamic (limited) nature within you. No one has to do anything they don’t want to do. They are therefore the director of their life. What you end up doing, is the result of your focus. You, like everyone else, are like putty, and can be completely controlled by your focus, and concentration power.

Your mind is malleable – it can and will change. The real question is, “What are you molding – making of yourself?” Like everything in the universe, the will is spinning and the clay is turning, and you are being formed. What form will you take?

It is interesting that the Potter uses both centrifugal force, which is pressure, and water as tools for forming. Theologically speaking, water is a symbol for word. So, in essence you are being formed by pressure and word.

A good way to tell how you are handling the pressure is by the words you speak. These words represent information IN-FORM-ATION…in other words, the action that is forming inside of you. Today, what words will you choose? Incidentally, we are reminded in the Bible that the power of life and death are in the tongue.

Anything is possible!