Who do I talk to about my life?

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Okay, I’m getting lots of questions after yesterday’s email, “Is your life working for you?” Perhaps you too, asked, “After identifying what’s not working in my life, who do I talk to?” The first conversation is with yourself. Get in front of a mirror and tell yourself what’s not working. Secondly, tell yourself, “I can do something about this.” As long as you are still breathing-you still have some fight in you! As your coach, I’m telling you, “IT AIN’T OVER!” But, wait, there’s more…
Let’s say your job is not working for you. If you don’t have another viable source of income, it would be foolish to quit, “Yo, Boss Man, this job ain’t work’n-I’m out!” or “Dear Employer, after great consideration and reflection, I’ve decided to increase your employee satisfaction rate by tendering my resignation.” If you do this, you will be out of a job, out of a house, out of gas, food… There’s a better way. KEEP GOING TO WORK. Also, remind yourself that this job is not where your life stops. Do something (anything) that reminds you where you want to go. Believe in your vision. Go to work. Come home and plan your vision. Get excited about your vision. Get so excited about your vision-so much so, that you catch yourself being excited on your way to work. If you believe, one morning you will arrive, not at your job, but at your destiny. Does that answer your question?

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