Who’s truth will you believe.

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They, the doctors—that is, said I would probably never see again. I can see. They told me not to try and lose the weight brought on by the steroid treatment. Now I’m almost thirty pounds lighter. They said I had an incurable disease. I don’t. I don’t doubt they believed their own interpretation of what they saw. I also don’t doubt my own interpretation.
Belief fuels the creative forces of this world. Your belief creates what you see. When you control your belief you have the power to recreate the world as you see fit. You can even choose not to believe what I just wrote if you’d like. In that case, for you it will not be true. For you, truth will be that you are a slave, a victim, to the trends of the world. Not me. I have a different truth…anything is possible. Scripture asks us, “Whose report will you believe?” Let me provide you with some coaching…what beliefs make you feel great and empowered? What thoughts energize and excite you? With that energy swirling around in you, picture your world the way you want it. Now feel it. Repeat until you are ready to create it.